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  • 30.05.2017 New Smoking Products

    At DiscountCigarettesBox.Com, American smokers can find a large variety of cigarettes and a continuously renewing catalogue of quality tobacco products manufactured in Europe. Always watch for our new offers and special discounts as we are permanently making efforts to satisfy all our clients needs and requirements. Check the new cigarettes brands and buy online smokes at cheap prices and we will deliver them to any address or location in the United States. Rothmans Red Cigarettes Rothmans Demislims Blue Cigarettes Rothmans Demislims Silver Cigarettes...

  • 03.07.2014 Most Bars In Marion County Could Be Smoke-free Soon

    A surprise bid by the City-County Council president to pass a stronger smoking cigarettes ban covering bars and bowling alleys -- in the waning days of the Republican majority -- has caught two key groups off guard.Democrats had been making plans to push for an even stronger measure after they take control of the council Jan. 1. No matter who's in charge, their votes are vital for passage of an expanded smoking cigarettes ban in any form, since many Republicans are opposed.And anti-smoking cigarettes advocates called the move by Republicans -- with backing from Mayor Greg Ballard --...

  • 17.06.2014 Up In Smoke

    Tobacco is all farmer Daniel Johnson knows; he's been growing it for 28 years.He uses a cigarettes online harvester to launch his leaves into a hallowed out school bus.He jokes that school buses are the cheapest form of transportation known to man.But even if Johnson's named Georgia Farmer of the Year a third time, it won't be enough to save his crop from one of the driest harvest seasons in decades. "You can't compete with what the good Lord's gonna send ya," Johnson said. "I don't think we've ever had this much heat and drought at the same time. In the same season."Johnson walked me...

  • 06.11.2012 Smoking Foes Find Inspiration In County

    Smoking’s toll on the health and pocketbooks of Hoosiers and Indiana businesses was the focus of the Boone County Healthy Coalition’s monthly session, at Witham Memorial Hospital.“A study of health care providers in Boone showed that discount cigarettes use was a major concern for health in this county,” said Richard Stroup, coordinator of both the BCHC and Tobacco Free Boone County.“Indiana has had an overall great success rate in bringing the rate of smoking cigarettes down,” Stroup said.More than 21 percent of Indiana adults smoke, according to Tobacco Free Indiana, but that...

  • 29.10.2012 New Discount Cigarettes Online Available for Sale

    Dear valuable customers, pay attention that we have new brands of cigarettes that you might be interested: Marlboro Flavor Note Cigarettes Capital Cigarettes Davidoff B&W Black Cigarettes Davidoff B&W White Cigarettes Golden Gate Blue Cigarettes Golden Gate Red Cigarettes Robinson Blue Cigarettes Richmomd Cherry Gold Cigarettes Red&White Shine Super Slims Cigarettes Red&White Rich Super Slims Cigarettes Thank You for shopping discount cigarettes and have a nice day !

Frequently Asked Questions | Cigarettes Sales FAQs

How could I contact your store?

✔ If you have some questions or issues regarding your order please contact our Customer Support Service at Please be sure to specify in the e-mail your order number and your full name. Your comments and suggestions are important to us as we continue to improve our product and services. You can also contact us by phone which you can find under Contacts.


Is there any difference between the white filter and the brown filter Marlboro Lights?

✔ Yes. The first are made to match the taste of American smokers while the second are suited to European tastes. Philip Morris does not provide any other information on this matter. According to smokers (and suggestions), the "white filters" may be slightly stronger. There is only one way to find out. Try them!

Will you be offering other brands in the future?

✔ Yes. The number and type of available brands may change in time.

Do you sell other brands of cigarettes in addition to those advertised at your site?

✔ Not currently. The only brands we sell are shown on the Home page and in the brands list.

Are the cigarettes sold at top-quality?

✔ The cigarettes sold at are of the highest quality available on the market. We sell brands made in Europe.

Do you offer any samples?

✔ No. We do not send samples.

Can you send me your price book?

✔ We do not have price books.

Do you sell American cigarettes?

✔ No. Our cigarettes are manufactured in Europe only and are made according to European high-standards.

Do you carry 120mm length cigarettes?

✔ No. We carry only ‘88mm and 100mm length cigarettes. All of our 100mm cigarettes are Slim and Superslim.

What cigarettes are light?

✔ All brands that are low in tar and nicotine are light. We cannot tell you what amount is considered light as every brand is different.

What does Blue and Silver stand for?

✔ Blue means Light cigarettes and Silver means Ultra Light cigarettes.


What is the minimum amount of cartons I can purchase?

✔ Minimum amount required is 3 cartons.

Can I cancel the order placed with your online store?

✔ You can cancel your order within 24 hours of its placement.

How can I find out my order status?

✔ After you've placed your order at you will be automatically notified by E-mail when we approve and ship your order. Please, notice that we do not ship orders within 24 hours to give you a possibility to change or update your postal address and/or the order items. In such cases you must immediately send us an e-mail with your changes. Please enclose your order number when writing about changes in your order. To find out the status, you will need to log into your account on our website, click on my orders, and look at the status and payment status of all/any orders.

Is there a maximum order?

✔ No. The quantity of cigarettes that can be purchased at is left to the discretion of customers who must be aware of the laws in force in their country and the sanctions they may incur. But please be aware that we do not accept large quantity orders from first-time customers. If this is your first purchase in our store maximum quantity is 10 cartons.

Can I make an order by telephone?

✔ Unfortunately no, you can only make it online.

What payment methods are acceptable?

✔ You can pay by credit card or use international money transfer services.

Can I make an order by fax?

✔ Unfortunately no. This method of order will be available later

How can I make an order?

✔ In our catalog you will find all the available brands. Select a brand and click on it. This will take you to the selected brand page. Then click on the flavor of your choice. It will be automatically added to your shopping cart. If you want to buy more than one brand or style just select another brand from the "Chose Brand" column and repeat the process. When you are done click "Checkout". You will be taken to the Secure Server and you should enter the required information. After that click " Process". At this point your credit card information is checked and you will receive an order confirmation at your e-mail address.

Is it safe to pay credit card online?

✔ Do note that you do not pay us, but the credit card company's secure server, so your credit card number cannot be intercepted and your personal data is 100% secured. All the information that you provide during the shopping process is encrypted by our credit card company. Your credit card details are not available for us and used only to process your order online. We collect your personal information only for processing an order and for Money Back Guarantee service.


Where do you ship from?

✔ We are located and ship from Europe.

What is the delivery time?

✔ Delivery time is 2-3 weeks from the shipment date.

Why can't you send me a single parcel containing more cartons?

✔ Because it would be subject to duty since the width and value would not fall within the prescribed international parameters.

I bought 6 cartons of cigarettes one week ago and I have received only two parcels containing 2 carton each. Is that normal?

✔ Yes. The cartons are shipped in parcels (one parcel contain no more than 2 cartons). The parcels are shipped on the same day but in rare cases they reach destination together. The time between the first and the last parcel delivery is in average 2 to 5 days in Europe and the Mediterranean and 5 to 12 days at the rest of the world.

If I make an order Saturday, when my order will be send?

✔ Usually, your order is processed in 24 hours. Orders received on Saturdays are sent on the first following working day (Same rule for Sundays and public holidays).

In which countries do you deliver the cigarettes?

✔ We ship cigarettes to USA only.

Do you charge shipping per parcel or per carton?

✔ Shipping and handling charges are $9.40, and are taxed per carton not per parcel.


Does store information on who bought cigarettes online on files?

✔ No, after the products are delivered, we don't store this information.

Does have a database containing the customer's credit card details?

✔ No. We don't access such information.

Does use personal data of customers (mailing address, e-mail address, etc.) for advertising campaigns or other promotional activities?

✔ We do not sell or rent your personal information to others. The information provided to us as a result of your online purchase, such as your name, E-mail address, phone number(s) and point of delivery or forwarding address are only used for shipping.

Will I get my money back or have the goods replaced if the parcel is lost, stolen or damaged?

✔ offers a 100% money back guarantee covering the price of the cigarettes if, for any reason, the purchase is not deemed satisfactory.

Do you guarantee that no duty will be paid?

✔ It is your responsibility to determine whether Internet purchases of cigarettes in your area are prohibited under local laws. In the event that you are charged duty upon receiving your parcel you have a choice to pay the duty or refuse the package, in which case the package will be returned to us and you will receive a refund for the order. In the USA, parcels containing 200 cigarettes are exempted from taxes.


Is it illegal to order a large quantity of cigarettes, for example, 50 cartons?

✔ The quantity of cigarettes that can be purchased at is left to the discretion of customers who must be aware of the laws in force in their country and the sanctions they may incur if their intention is to resell "duty free" cigarettes. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ascertain and comply with the laws relating to the purchase and use of any tobacco goods. In order to determine the applicable limits on purchases or taxing responsibilities, if any, imposed by your particular state, the consumer may want to contact their state authorities.

Is it legal to resell cigarettes ordered from

✔ No. This is against the law in any country of the world.


Why can’t I login to my account?

✔ If you have an account created with us and when you try to login and the system will not do so, please delete all history and cookies in the browser using, exit the browser and then start all over.

How can I change my email address?

✔ You cannot change your email address under which you are registered with us. You can create a new account with the new email and place orders through the new account.

Why does email sent to me not arrive?

✔ Dear AOL, Comcast, Yahoo! users: You might not be getting our Customer Support e-mails due to some reasons:

- You blocked our e-mail address
- It is tagged as a junk mail or it is in your spam folder
- AOL, Comcast, Yahoo! is blocking your correspondent's provider from sending mail due to complaints of abuse.
Such problems affect our service because our communication can be blocked and we are not able to get in touch with you regarding your purchases. Therefore, please make sure our messages get through.


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